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The Invigorate story

Since launching our scaleup advisory marketplace in 2020, we’ve heard from numerous businesses and their investment partners that what they really want isn’t just advisory expertise, but also insights, especially when it comes to the flow of capital into the UK and Europe. They want to know how other scaleups are growing, how investment plays a part, and what their own path to growth should look like. 

The Invigorate platform

Responding to this direct market need, Invigorate Platform is the UK’s first growth platform that uses competitive benchmarking and insights to help innovative scaleups and their investment partners grow faster.

With competitive insights, strategic roadmaps, growth plans and advisory expertise, scaleups and their investment partners get to see what other successful scaleups are doing and use this to prioritise their own strategic objectives, acquire customers, land investment and boost their growth.

Our mission

Our mission is to help innovative scaleups – and the wider scaleup ecosystem – become more focused, informed and empowered about their growth journey. We want to be there every step of the way to help these businesses reach their full potential and be confident in their strategic objectives and business growth. 

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Why now?
Why scaleups?

Innovative scaleups have the power to change the world – their products and people are what drive world economies and build prosperous futures. They deserve to be supported by the best of the best, and to be confident in the knowledge that what they’re focused on is right for their specific stage in the overall growth journey.

What’s next

Invigorate’s mission remains laser-focused on helping scaleup businesses grow. We will continue to bring even more exclusive insights, bespoke roadmaps and powerful new marketplace concepts to the ecosystem so that scaleup businesses and their investment partners can continue to prosper and grow.

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