About us

The Invigorate story

Invigorate was launched in 2019 to help fast-growing businesses find valuable, relevant and high-quality advice from founders and operators with vital scaling experience – and to make it easier for these people to share their expertise.

After engaging with stakeholders across the scaleup ecosystem, we identified a significant information barrier, with many founders struggling to identify and access excellent advisory support in a noisy, network-driven market. This inefficiency hampered value creation, making success heavily dependent on networks to access the people with the right reputations and expertise.

That’s where Invigorate comes in. We help operators with real-world experience connect with the businesses that need them, and provide resources, insights and training to tackle the information barrier.

The Invigorate platform

Our platform allows businesses and advisors to find each other easily – without having to rely on networks, recruiters or blind luck. It combines an intuitive strategic need identification process with data-driven insights and business-advisor matching, so everyone can easily find the expertise they need to start moving the dial.

We also upskill and train advisors through our partners, helping them identify their top operators and provide them with the tools they need to find better opportunities and profit from their expertise.

The platform allows us to collect and share data and insights, so that businesses, advisors and whole communities can benchmark themselves and understand their ecosystem better.

Our mission

Our mission is to drive growth and value creation across the scaleup ecosystem by building advisory networks of diverse operators with first-hand, practical experience. We believe strongly in the importance of diversity in business as a factor of success, driving value creation and making organisations more nimble, resilient and creative. In fact we co-authored a report on this in 2021 with SIlicon Valley Bank, Frog Capital, Kindred and Anthemis, looking at the relationship between diverse leadership and strong business performance.

Why now?
Why advisors?

There’s a lot of focus right now (quite rightly!) on investing in diverse and underrepresented founders, but it’s slow going. Invigorate aims to accelerate the diversity agenda – both in the short term through encouraging the diversification of boards and leadership teams, and also in the long term by supporting diverse founders and scaleups. 

We do this by helping founders with less mature networks connect with the right support, and by making it easier for all scaleups to benefit from the operational experience of our diverse network of advisors. Half of our community is made up of diverse operators, and we hope to build on this through future partnerships.

What’s next

Invigorate’s mission remains laser-focused on helping scaleup businesses grow. That’s why we are partnering with organisations like Tech Nation, to help connect the dots across communities and facilitate even more value creation. Together, we can connect the next generation of innovative businesses with the right support to start scaling quicker, growing more sustainably, and really make a difference across the UK tech ecosystem.

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