A Deep(Tech) Dive into the Future of VC – Part Two #2

A Deep(Tech) Dive into the Future of VC

Deeptech is a key part of the future of innovation. Deeptech startups have the potential to revolutionise our society and help tackle some of the existential challenges we face today – from climate change to resource scarcity. At a time when software revenue multiples and funding have started to decline, deeptech offers a unique opportunity to founders and investors to create enormous amounts of value alongside real technological innovation. However, the relative immaturity of the deeptech ecosystem can also pose significant challenges to businesses and investors operating within this space.

A Deep(Tech) Dive into the Future of VC – Part One #2

A Deep(Tech) Dive into the Future of VC

This report, written with input from leading VCs, operators, angels and founders from across the industry, explores the potential of VC-backed deep tech in a new era of technological, societal and environmental change, and the challenges facing VCs if they wish to be at the forefront of this new wave of innovation, and the value creation opportunities it brings. It was written primarily with a view to the UK ecosystem, but many of the learnings may be globally applicable. 

What to Do When Things Aren’t Going as Planned #2

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Nine out of ten startups fail, and every start-up that survives will go through its own tricky periods. What separates the failures from the successes is how the founders and their exec team choose to deal with these problem periods. 

Portfolio Support – A Key Differentiator in a Competitive Market #2

Until recently, high-potential European entrepreneurs struggled in comparison to their North American or Asian counterparts to raise the appropriate funding they needed to grow their businesses. Now, market conditions are tipping the balance favouring founders. For VC and PE funds, this redistribution of power presents several challenges.