How VCs Really Pick Teams to Invest In – Part 2 the Team #2

team stood facing away from viewer

Part 2: The Team. We’ve already broken down VC expectations for founders and CEOs in our article ‘Forget the business plan – how VCs really pick teams to invest in. Part 1: the founder’. So in this article we are tackling the rest! If you plan on achieving scale (and you are on the wrong website if you don’t) you’ll need a kick-ass team to help you build, execute and lead. And the VCs definitely know this. So what are they looking for?

How VCs Really Pick Teams to Invest In – Part 1 the Founder and CEO #2

Part 1: The Founder and CEO. When it comes to investing their money, VCs have to weigh up a huge number of competing and sometimes contradictory factors. But as Marc Andreessen, cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz, once said during an interview – ‘the decision ultimately is and should be around people.’