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Masterclasses and events to help you gain perspectives on industry leading insights, competitive benchmarking to help you in your day to day scaling responsibilities.

Events & Masterclasses

Join us to learn more and network with similar scaling peers.

Featured Event

In Collaboration with Capdesk

Equity: the next chapter in the people ops playbook. Join us and Capdesk on Thursday, 17th March to discover new ways your company can win the war for talent in 2022. We’ve assembled a panel of people ops experts to share their first-hand insights and advice for leaders on attracting, retaining and motivating world-class talent.

In Collaboration with Crowdcube

Finding the Right Funding for Your Business – There’s a lot of different funding options out there, but how do you find the right one for you? And how do you maximize your chances of getting that all-important capital? We’ll explore all of the options, with a special focus on equity crowdfunding, over the course of the hour-long event. 

In Collaboration with London & Partners

How to Build Advisory Boards and External Support Networks to Scale Your Business – We are partnering with London and Partners to bring you this talk on how external support can help scale your business and how to engage, locate and start working with the right advisors.

Equipping Yourself for Scale with External Support

Join us as we discuss exactly what support is out there, how to find it, and how to make sure your business is getting maximum value.