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12pm Wed 16th February


Interactive Webinar

About the event

Finding the Right Funding to Scale Your Business

There’s a lot of different funding options out there, but how do you find the right one for you? And how do you maximize your chances of getting that all-important capital? We’ll explore all of the options, with a special focus on equity crowdfunding, over the course of the hour-long event. 

So join Invigorate and our partners Crowdcube as we examine the variety of fundraising opportunities available to scaleups. We’ll discuss everything from traditional VC to venture debt and of course crowdfunding – to help you identify the right kind of funding for your business.

We’ll cover

  • Identifying the source of capital best suited to your business
  • The types – VC, venture debt, crowdfunding and revenue based financing
  • Deep-dive into crowdfunding
  • Scaleup investment trends
  • Getting ready for investment
  • Tips to streamline the fundraising process

We will also have a Q&A session – to give you an opportunity to ask your most pressing questions about getting funded.

Hope to see you there!

About the speakers

Lauren Stewart

Lauren is the Founder & CEO of Invigorate, the UK’s first insight-led growth platform for scaling businesses. Invigorate helps businesses raise capital, build advisory boards and develop growth strategies for scale.

Lauren was formerly a Strategy and Corporate Innovation Consultant where she advised some of the world’s largest organisations on their strategic innovation goals.

Lauren is an active angel investor herself, with a portfolio including Seedrs, Monzo, Nutmeg, Heights and Passion Capital.

Tim O’Callaghan

Tim O’Callaghan is Senior Partnerships Manager at Crowdcube. Tim and the team at Crowdcube work with companies of all sizes, and from all sectors, helping them to get the most out of their community and build a stronger brand.

Crowdcube enables entrepreneurs to raise finance with the added benefit of being backed by everyday investors. For investors, Crowdcube provides a way to hand-pick a stake in an innovative business that traditionally would have been restricted to corporate investors.

Invigorate and crowdcube logos

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