Finding the Right Advisor

You might have identified that your business could benefit from the guidance and expertise of an advisor, but how do you go about finding exactly the right match for your company?

 With numerous talented professionals around, choosing the right start-up advisor can indeed be a tricky job. Don’t miss the opportunity presented by an advisor’s tailored support for your company. In case you’re baffled while choosing these experts, here are a few guidelines that can help.  

Excellent coaching abilities: the best start-up advisors come with excellent coaching abilities. Instead of solving your problems and simply answering your queries, they counter-question you with powerful queries that make you think out-of-the-box

Deep passion for your business: find someone who’s not solely driven by the ‘money making’ motive. A good startup advisor is not only honest, but also competent in leadership abilities.

Profound industry knowledge: choose someone who comes with a strong industry expertise, helping you to take the right decisions. On top of that, they should help you to use your professional network effectively and avoid all big mistakes.

Aligned with team members: opt for experts who are perfectly aligned with your core team members,  making the business proceedings smoother and decision-making easier. 

Great communication skills: ensure that your selected advisor also has ample communication skills to communicate their knowledge. If they cannot communicate proper advice or communicates badly; it’ll affect the success of your business.

The right culture fit: ideally identify those advisers who already come with an experience of working in the same office culture – and that fit with your board and add diversity to it.

People who are excited about incorporating your ideas: What’s better than having a group of advisors who are ‘actually’ excited about incorporating your ideas? The right kind of advisors, not only follow what they have to do but also go an extra mile to be more passionate about the work. Apart from providing sound advice, they should also motivate and inspire you holistically.

Great networking skills: A good strategic advisor helps you stay connected with the right people and resources, thereby helping your company to expand faster.

Intelligent individuals: Your chosen advisor should be incredibly intelligent while formulating new and innovative business strategies. Their intelligence will also come handy while providing with you sound advice.

Experience counts: An experienced professional helps you to run your business well and avoid all major and minor pitfalls. They also guide you while making important decisions and coming up with relevant business strategies.

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