Tech Nation partners with Invigorate to power executive advisory relationships across their community

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Tech Nation is the UK’s leading growth platform for tech companies and home to over 30% of the UK’s unicorn herd through their work supporting innovative businesses, leaders and founders across the UK.



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Invigorate is the UK’s first scaleup advisory platform dedicated to helping high-growth companies scale quicker with access to advisory support from the operators who successfully scaled the UK’s top unicorn businesses.


Invigorate and Tech Nation have partnered to improve the success of the next generation of UK scaleups by effortlessly connecting them with experienced operators of Tech Nation’s alumni businesses. These operators will lend their expertise to help ambitious businesses raise capital, navigate business challenges and scale faster, while developing their own advisory skills.

The partnership aims to improve outcomes for businesses participating in Tech Nation programmes by providing 1:1 tailored support, whilst helping experienced operators access new advisory and professional development opportunities – transferring expertise from today’s cohort of successful businesses to the next generation. These relationships will be facilitated by Invigorate’s proprietary platform, data-driven insights and market-leading expertise in scaleup advisory.

The last decade has seen an explosion of expertise and talent in the UK scaleup ecosystem. However, many up-and-coming founders still struggle to access necessary support from fragmented and non-diverse networks. Likewise, more experienced founders and operators have reported limited opportunities to advise exciting startups outside of their networks. 

The partnership will provide support, training and networking to members of Tech Nation’s incredible alumni community through the Alumni Advisory Programme. This will make it easier and more rewarding for alumni to share their expertise with other scaleups, and ensure access to valuable one to one support for businesses in the Tech Nation community. It will also present an opportunity for more experienced operators to further develop their own career portfolios, and provides a platform for them to move towards more advisory and NED work.


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Lauren (Stewart) Tack, CEO and Founder of Invigorate“Tech Nation has produced 30% of the UK’s unicorns and has amazing alumni full of learned experiences and a deep understanding of scaling businesses. We’re delighted to be harnessing that experience to fuel the next generation of world-class technology businesses in their new cohorts.”



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Will Miller, Chief Growth Officer of Tech Nation“We’re delighted to be working with Invigorate, the market leader in scaleup advisory. They have set the standard and best practice for scaleup advisory and will help us harness the power of the TN alumni community to deliver world-class advice to our up and coming businesses.”



In the biggest partnership of its kind, Invigorate and Tech Nation will close the loop in UK innovation, and help ensure everyone can access the expertise they need to keep scaling.

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