Advisor Spotlight: Alpesh Doshi

This month, we’re chatting with Entrepreneur & Founder, Alpesh Doshi.

Alpesh is the founder of a group of companies focused on transforming markets and industries through the application of data, AI and emerging tech.

With a background spanning investment banking, life and pensions, asset management, telecoms, mobile, media & entertainment, Alpesh has seen a lot! Something that stands him in good stead for his current venture of building products and companies through big data and emerging tech such as blockchain.

As a seasoned advisor to a number of successful startups, Alpesh’s passions lie across innovation, blockchain, AI, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), big data and much more!

Q. Alpesh, you’ve covered a lot in your career - how do you typically describe your background?

A. My background is mainly as a technology entrepreneur, with a focus on leveraging emerging tech. I’ve built a number of businesses from scratch - some have failed and others have scaled.

In my role as advisor, I work to build businesses and help teams think through certain areas - be that Leadership, Strategy, Sales, Managing People, Technical Architectures, Programme and Project Management.

My experience helps me take a holistic view and therefore support businesses from initial proposition, right through to the go-to-market, technology strategy and business model.

Q. What are some of the success stories you've had or outcomes you've achieved with the businesses you've worked with?

I've been a mentor to many businesses, and a non-exec to others. For example, I'm a NxD to a growing FinTech, where I work with the founder to help shape the direction of the business and deal with all aspects of growth.

I work with a range of businesses - large to small. But I tend to work most closely with founders or senior executives, people who want to leverage new technologies and digital transformation models.

The rapport that I build up with the founder and management team is the primary decider when I’m working out whether or not to work with a business.

Q. What are some of the common trends you see amongst the ambitious businesses you support?

A. Almost all of them need help with their Go to Market Strategy, as well as with getting their Marketing, Technology and Data in order to all work together.

The really successful businesses get these areas right - and then scale them well too.

Q. What are your thoughts on where the UK ecosystem is at the moment?

A. It’s quite simple really - every business will need to transform into a digital business, leveraging data and technology.

If you're not thinking about that in your business today, then it will be difficult to compete.

Q. If you could have lunch with someone from any ambitious business (UK or abroad), who would it be and why?

A. Reid Hoffman, the American entrepreneur.

He’s most famous for being the co-founder of LinkedIn and also sits on the board of some exciting tech companies such as Airbnb and Microsoft.

Q. What gets you up and motivates you in the morning?

A. Knowing that I can improve every day and build something that can provide real value to customers. That and running!

If you’d like to hear more from Alpesh, then sign up to our exclusive event on 18th August, where he’ll be discussing how FinTech Scaleups are reinventing the sector for a new economy.

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