Advisor Spotlight: Doug Gordon

For this month’s Spotlight, we’re talking to Doug Gordon, CEO of D&S Performance Optimisation, a coaching, consulting & corporate training company. Doug speaks professionally all over the world alongside ex prime ministers, film stars, TV celebs, NY Times bestselling authors, renowned CEOs & sports stars. He’s also the Global Goodwill Ambassador for Dublin and runs a radio show on Dublin radio, called “Inspirational People, Inspirational Stories”. Before all of this, Doug worked in the Investment world for 21 years covering global roles for the likes of HSBC, Aviva and Threadneedle Asset Management.

Q. Doug, how in particular have you helped ambitious businesses like the ones that Invigorate supports?

A. I’ve helped a number of businesses over the years. From a tech firm that I helped double their sales in one year, to a property development business who I helped get €250k of new revenue in less than 3 months…

I’ve helped numerous authors sell thousands of books, and helped a famous sports star market an online course so that he had a sideline income that was very lucrative.

I’ve even helped the CEO of a tech firm repair his outside work relationships with his wife and kids while at the same time helping him increase revenue!

Q. What types of businesses do you typically work with?

A. Usually tech firms, financial firms, engineering firms and healthcare companies.

Q. What are the things you look for in a business that makes you decide to work with them or not?

A clear vision. A good business plan. Loads of passion and energy. And an ethos of wanting to add value to others.

Q. What are the three key things an ambitious business needs to think about as they grow and scale?


1. What is the best strategy to grow your sales and business quickly?

2. How can I get more done in less time with less stress?

3. What is the best way for me to optimise performance?

Q. Which companies in your opinion have managed or done this well?

A. Dell, Ocuco, Vangaurd, Leinster rugby club, Westport adventure park, Columbia Threadneedle, JLGoor, Davy. All clients of mine!

Q. What are some of the common trends you see amongst the ambitious businesses you support?

A. Time management. Cap intro. Lack of strategic planning. Lots of early businesses are great at concept, but not so good on the marketing and sales.

Q. What UK-based ambitious business do you admire the most and why?

A. Table 4 one. It’s an app for business people to meet with other business people while on trips or for lunch. Like tinder for business people except the aim is not to date but to do business. They have a great concept, it adds value to others and is very practical. They already have investment and are growing rapidly.

Q. If you could have lunch with someone from any ambitious business (UK or abroad), who would it be and why?

A. Because of my radio show I have this opportunity every week. But it would have to be Tony Robbins, the coach and speaker. He is someone I model myself on and he’s worth $450m so he has been highly successful in his field.

Q. What gets you up and motivates you in the morning?

A. My mission is to inspire as many people as possible to be aligned with their true mission in life and gain a sense of true passion towards that mission.

Q. What’s something that people do not know about you?

A. I have coached the ex-England international rugby coach.

And my first ever talk I did after leaving the corporate world I got paid €5000.

Q. What’s your favourite pastime or hobby?

A. Personal development! :)

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