What seasoned advisors are telling startups and scaleups amidst the Covid19 crisis

Has the coronavirus made your business feel constricted?

Businesses are in unchartered territory. What potential mitigation strategies could and should they implement for Covid-19?

Invigorate’s interaction with UK-based entrepreneurs gives us a unique vantage point to access the impactful advice they are receiving our experienced advisors. Many of our advisors have survived and successfully lived through the dot.com bubble, 9-11 and the global financial crisis and understand the tactics to weather the storm. Here is a summary of the downturn advice they have given startups and scaleups over the last few weeks.

All aspects of society are affected by the virus, and so will all aspects of your business. No business will be left untouched.

1. Now is the time to double down and reinvent yourself. Sticking too closely to previous fundraising processes, sales and hiring plans, failing to revisit your finances, or not addressing product roadmaps may well mean you fail to navigate this storm. It’s never been more pertinent to rethink your cashflows, fundraising and your sales from new and existing customers.

2. Accept fear and uncertainty - it’s part of running a business. It’s not just about the ability to adapt, it’s about the lack of fear to adapt quickly enough.

3. Innovation should not be viewed as an activity you do during strong economic times. Find ways to diversify and spread risk. Looking at the situation as an opportunity to innovate will energise you rather than putting you in a gridlock. And no, you don’t need ample cashflow to innovate, part of the innovation journey is to explore new normals - it’s an opportune time to experiment.

“It’s an opportunity to be doing things differently, change the way you make, sell and distribute your product and service.

4. This may accelerate what you have been thinking but putting off. It’s less about putting plans on hold, this will have you running toward the future more leanly and organising your business to do this effectively.

5. Communicate to your investors, communicate to your people. It’s a lot of change - no commute, WFH, isolating from colleagues, friends and family. Everyone is feeling the pressure of these unprecedented conditions. It's your responsibility to provide that steady hand.

6. No more unnecessary software subscriptions - focus on value add. Reduce burn and increase runway, but don’t compromise on outcomes.

7. Experience, experience, experience. Look to those with the ‘grey hair’ for guidance. You may be letting go of your ‘muscle’, but you can still access experienced directors via Invigorate, who can guide you in steering ships and allow you to sail more smoothly.

8. Inform customers of your approach and that you are still open to serve, it's also an opportunity to show your true company values. Tailor your approach to their concerns or associate their needs with your service. Create helpful information once you understand what they need.

There’s no doubt it’s going to be a long and difficult ride.

Invigorate is here to help, giving you access to a network of business advisors who can guide and direct on optimal business strategies across all aspects of your business, as well as crisis management.

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