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How Scaleups are driving the Sustainable Economy

Read how UK scaleups are driving the sustainable economy forward, after a year of uncertainty and shifting priorities

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In this report we discuss

  • the current sustainable economy
  • the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • B corporation certification
  • how to balance financial goals and social responsibility
  • we also hear from scaleups SupplyCompass, Otovo, Refurbed, Ovo Energy, Lightyear, and GOT BAG about how they have constructed their business models to take a stand against climate change

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Lucy Hasson

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Esme Loans
Despite the correlation between Covid-19 and the climate crisis, Covid has taken the focus away from the climate emergency as people, companies and countries struggle to survive the impacts of this health emergency.

Just before the unforgettable events of 2020 kicked off around the globe, the ‘Green Economy’ was the focus of attention for many countries, leaders and businesses. Companies were prioritising green approaches and making significant changes to things like product packaging and sustainable supply chains, heads of state across the world were doubling down on environmentally friendly policies, and capital was flowing into the startup and scaleup ecosystems, with mission-driven founding teams attracting both attention and funds.


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