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Closing the Scaleup Expertise Loop with Tech Nation

We partnered with Tech Nation to help them tackle the shortage of scaleup expertise with their incredible alumni network, which contains 30% of the UK’s unicorn businesses, alongside countless other successful scaleup operators.
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Featured Case Study

Building advisory relationships with Tech Nation

At the beginning of 2022, Invigorate and Tech Nation partnered to improve business outcomes for businesses in their community, provide experienced alumni with opportunities for further professional development, and power transformative advisory relationships across the Tech Nation ecosystem. Quality advisors can be hard to find in the UK, and advisors with experience scaling and operating a high-growth business are even rarer. Invigorate and Tech Nation’s partnership was created to change this, giving members of their incredible alumni community the tools to confidently step into advisory roles, and thereby providing earlier-stage businesses in their ecosystem with an invaluable resource.
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What’s the difference between a board advisor and a NED, and other big questions for growing startups

Tech Nation partners with Invigorate to power executive advisory relationships across their community

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