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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most frequently asked questions about using Invigorate

Our end-to-end process helps business identify and prioritise their objectives and then how to go about solving them.  We work closely with management teams to identify gaps within their organisations and create bespoke acceleration plans for their teams to achieve their goals. If required, we can also recommend external expertise to help if your organisation requires. We don’t stop there, we’ll continue to support you through this journey to ensure you achieving your objectives. 

Yes, we help senior management teams across scaleups with both their professional and personal goals.

Invigorate helps scaleup businesses achieve their objectives across all areas of their business from fundraising to customer acquisition, risk management, culture to product strategy and exection.

We have 250+ vetted expert advisors on the platform who each have deep operational experience in their functional area and industry. Advisors are helpful to use if you don’t have the appropriate expertise in your business to achieve an outcome and you don’t think it’s worth hiring someone full time in the position. If you require some advisory support, we’ll recommend a curated list that we know will help you achieve your goals and suggest where they can fit into your bespoke plan.

We work across industries and across multiple stages of business maturity almost always focused on scaling issues. From fintech, proptech, e-commerce to insurtech and gaming, we’ll work closely with your from seed to IPO or successful acquisition. 

Our team’s background spans strategic consulting to deep scaleup experience who have been there and done it before. We’re also scaling Invigorate ourselves and can sympathise with the challenges your business is facing. For more bespoke, tailored hands-on execution support our vast advisory network has your business covered. 

Yes! We believe there are strong insights that are generated across scaling businesses but each business requires a bespoke approach – our platform allows us to cater to your bespoke needs in a scalable fashion, ensuring we’re focusing on the right things at the right time so you get the most value from our offering.