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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most frequently asked questions about using Invigorate

Yes! We work closely with partners to identify how we can best help you and your community, from tailored advisor training sessions, to community mapping and a customisable platform. 

Whatever it is you need, give us a call and we can start turning your community into a real engine for growth.

We provide great resources and insights to all advisors through our newsletter and resources page. These cover everything from hot-button topics in the scaleup and VC communities, to how-tos on everything from fundraising to constructing boards.

We also help advisors through schemes with our partners. If you are eligible for one of these, we will contact you through that partner with opportunities, training and networking events.

The best way to contact us is to head to our Contact Us page and book a call.

You can also sign up to our newsletter for information on what we’ve been up to each month, as well as what’s happening in the ecosystem as a whole.

Although Invigorate has helped plenty of scaleups directly in the past, currently we only work with businesses through our partners. 

However, if you aren’t part of one of our partner-schemes, you can still access many of our resources by signing up to our newsletter, or by heading over to the resources page. It’s where we store everything from market analyses, to guides on setting up advisory boards, acing your series A, and much more! 

Your community wastes a huge amount of time looking for advisory support, and can often spend a lot of time and money on sub-par advisory relationships ill-suited for their business or growth-stage.

But the right advisors can do a huge amount for them, problem-solving, reducing wastage, and helping build sustainable, long-term growth.

Likewise, while your top-performers have a huge amount of really valuable expertise, lack of information and the demands of a network-driven marketplace can make it difficult for them to get started building relationships with the businesses that need them the most.

By building and upskilling your own advisory networks you can create an incredible business resource of relevant, expert advice – while also providing your top performers with an excellent personal growth opportunity. It connects the dots in your community, so everyone can benefit from each other’s expertise and keep growing.

We also offer services for less mature communities, helping you balance your expertise with our own network of experienced advisors.